Volume 1 (1) 

Dependability of digital systems and services has become an acute global concern. Rifts in access to, use, and impact of these technologies are affecting not only development and prosperity but also international stability and security. 

International Journal of Digital Peace and Security (IJDPS, ISSN 2674-3221) will provide peer-reviewed, internationally circulated, policy-relevant analysis and recommendations on these issues. Our target audience comprises international and national policy and decision-makers, scholars, and students of technology-related international peace and security problems.

The first issue of IJDPS examines digital peace and security and investigates ways in which it can be achieved. How to employ advances in digital technologies in support of development, prosperity and justice? How to accomplish and maintain sustainable peace in the conditions of critical dependence on digital technologies? What peace-and-security grade societal and political challenges result from the development and use of digital technologies? What disciplines and mechanisms can be used to overcome them? Does the currently prominent cybersecurity discourse, or other technology-centric dialogues, adequately frame and cover relevant issues? How to build a (more) comprehensive, yet manageable, international digital peace and security agenda? Which technological developments and market trends should be included in global, regional and national digital governance? How should leaders scope and focus the issue(s) of digital peace and security? 

IJDPS welcomes full articles (4000-6000 words), essays and comments (2000-3000 words) that focus on digital peace and security issues and solutions of international relevance and magnitude. We invite scalable approaches and angles that contextualize the identified issues and proposed solutions in current or anticipated global, regional and domestic affairs. Submissions are to make an interdisciplinary contribution (e.g. legal-policy, policy-tech, sociology-security). Isolated or narrowly focused legal, policy, technical or sociological analysis will not be accepted.

Submission and publishing schedule: 

  • Call for papers opens 25 October 2019
  • Interested authors send outline/abstract (300-500 words) by 30 November 2019
  • Decisions on acceptance of abstracts by 15 December 2019
  • Draft articles (Harvard style) submitted by 31 March 2020
  • Results of the peer review by 30 April 2020
  • Final papers due by 30 May 2020

Please send all submissions and inquiries to drafts@ijdps.org

Eneken Tikk